Nature meets biomedicine

Nature is our role model and
biomedicine is our passion.

PHYSTINE skincare products combine beauty, skin health and well-being.

Find out more about our oil-based cosmetics and our unique approach ...


Unique: Our approach

We use 100 % natural ingredients. All substances remain natural. They are carefully selected, tested for harmful substances and only the highest quality raw materials are used for further processing.

PHYSTINE stands for maximum bioavailability. We guarantee this. Only naturally pure raw materials meet this requirement and have the best effectiveness. For an all-round healthy complexion.

The secret of our cosmetic products ... We'll tell you: all our formulas are based on purely natural, oil-based components.

We combine the best properties of different oils in order to achieve the maximum care effect.

Oils are true nutrient bombs that have a lasting effect on skin ageing
. They transport active ingredients
into the deeper layers of the skin, boost cell metabolism
and promote the regeneration of skin cells. This keeps
your skin elastic and radiantly fresh.

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Oil ≠ Oil

Our oil-based cosmetics are developed for different skin types. Dry skin is nourished and cared for with rich nutrients. For skin prone to impurities, sebum production is reduced and inflammation inhibited. The formulations of our products bring the skin into its natural balance. And the complexion is given a fresh glow.

Purity requirement & quality promise

Made in Austria:
Manufactured and bottled in the Bregenzerwald in Austria. Short transportation routes - our contribution to the ecological footprint.

Sustainably produced:
Use of renewable energies. Minimal use of resources. Raw materials from partners who operate sustainably.

100 % nature:
Obtained from natural sources and biomedically developed. Quality you can see, measure and feel.

Handmade with Love:
For the love of nature. For the love of the environment. Out of love for the skin. Out of passion for people.

Consistent renouncement of:






Pesticides & pollutants


Synthetic ingredients


fragrances & colorants


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