Our mission is sustainability

PHYSTINE lives sustainability - in the protection, care and health of our skin, in the conscientious use of natural resources, in the social sphere and in packaging management. Our refill concept enables us to significantly reduce our environmental impact.
Would you like to find out more about our packaging concept? And know what re-use packaging is all about ...

Our packaging is 100% plastic-free

Packaging reflects the philosophy of a company, seduces all the senses and contributes to the care experience. It is a brand's calling card and is the first contact with a product.  

PHYSTINE fulfils this high standard: 

  • 0% plastic. 0% aluminium. 
  • Re-use packaging concept 
  • highest demands on the form and function of the packaging
  • biodegradable packaging materials:
    cork, cardboard, wood 
  • recyclable packaging raw materials:
    glass and steel 

Our focus is on the resource-conserving handling of all materials and raw materials used at PHYSTINE.
We minimise the ecological footprint along the entire production chain and promote recycling cycles.  

Unique in the world

Before we develop a beauty product, we work on a sustainable packaging solution. We have achieved a small masterpiece with the rotatable wooden deodorant stick. You can refill it again and again.

Not in the mood for packaging waste? Simply order a refill deodorant.


Re-use packaging - What is behind our concept?

All our Re-Use skincare products are filled in violet glass containers and sealed with a wooden lid. From the second purchase, you will receive a bottle with a cork lid. You can replace this with the original wooden lid and reuse it as often as you like. You also save money - 8.00 EUR per bottle.

Our wooden lids are handmade

Our wooden lids are made by hand as part of a social project in the Bregenzerwald. The wood used comes from our region. An all-round successful combination of sustainability.

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of our refill concept.

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