Acne - Hormones are going crazy

Blackheads and inflamed pimples. Shiny skin and enlarged pores. On the face, on the back or in the décolleté. Your skin is currently your biggest enemy and your self-esteem is giving you trouble.

You can find out here how you can best get your acne under control with the right care for your face and body...


What helps against pimples?

You suffer from skin imperfections that primarily colonize your T-zone and cheeks on your face. You don't like looking at yourself in the mirror with these pustules, pimples and blackheads. The earlier the appropriate skin care is used, the more successfully long-term damage such as scarring can be avoided.

Skin care for acne

Vegetable oils that are rich in valuable unsaturated fatty acids are ideal: jojoba, grape seed and argan oil are quickly absorbed, reduce skin irritation and help regulate sebum production. Pores do not become clogged, but are visibly reduced in size and the complexion becomes more refined.

Astaxanthin and sea buckthorn are super antioxidants. True miracle weapons that help regenerate skin cells and reduce inflammatory processes.

Feel the beneficial effect with the PHYSTINE skin care products No.3

Developed specifically for acne skin, they support your care routine and provide all the important vital substances so that your skin regains balance and those annoying pimples and blackheads disappear. For an all-round beautiful skin feeling.

Attention: Excessive or even inappropriate care has a negative effect on your skin condition. It only stimulates sebum production even more and you achieve the opposite effect.



Cleansing oil No.3

thoroughly cleansing & intensively nourishing for skin & eyelashes. Does not clog the pores.

Impure Skin Set No.3 Ignore Badges Spare 9%

Impure Skin Set No.3

Regulation of sebum production & long-term refined skin texture. Reduction of inflammation.

Astaxanthin capsules

award-winning food supplement. Power antioxidant, active cell protection & strongest free radical scavenger.


Facial serum No.3

naturally regulates sebum production and reduces inflammation. Regenerates the skin barrier sustainably.

It's best to get advice from our biomedical doctor. In a personal conversation you will find out how you can sustainably relieve your skin problems.


How does acne occur?

Acne is a skin disease that usually has hormonal causes. Young people in particular are affected worldwide. However, it can also occur in newborns and adults.

Unpleasant pimples and blackheads litter the face and body. This is not a lack of hygiene, but usually a blockage of the sebaceous glands. With the onset of puberty, increased levels of sex hormones are released. Sebum production picks up speed and forms the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. The result: sebaceous glands that become inflamed and painfully swollen.

Acne skin is also psychologically difficult. What you can do about your pimples and how we can help you? In a free phone call you can talk to our expert about your skin care.



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