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Skin condition

Lip care No.2

sustainable regeneration & long-lasting care. Quick help even for problem lips.


Facial Serum No.3

regulating anti-ageing care. Smoothes wrinkles, reduces pigmentation spots & prevents skin ageing.


Cleansing oil No.3

thoroughly cleansing & intensively nourishing for skin & eyelashes. Does not clog the pores.

Sample set Facial care Sample set Facial care Spare 10%

Sample set Facial care

the right set for every skin need. Experience the Phystine WOW effect!


Repair Balm No.3

fast, regenerating care for stressed skin. Reliable protection against winter cold & dehydration.


Eye Essence No.4

intensive anti-ageing eye care with active cell & light protection. Reduces wrinkles & prevents skin ageing.


Deodorant Stick No.1

caring deodorant stick with wellness fragrance without aluminium, alcohol or harmful irritants. 100% safe protection.


Facial serum No.4

intensively nourishes very dry, mature skin & actively counteracts the signs of skin ageing.


Facial serum No.2

cell-regenerating & quickly absorbed for a vital, radiant complexion. Refreshing fruity-minty fragrance.


Facial peeling No.3

Immediate effect of noticeably smoother skin. Long-term refined skin texture. No drying out.

Astaxanthin capsules

award-winning food supplement. Power antioxidant, active cell protection & strongest free radical scavenger.


Deodorant Stick No.2

caring deodorant stick with orange-fresh mint fragrance. Without aluminium, alcohol or harmful irritants.


Body oil No.1

gently firming & regenerating skin care with an invigorating, slightly woody-tart wellness fragrance.


Baby oil No.3

All-in-one oil for care, cleansing, massaging & bathing. Mild, nourishing, protective & hypoallergenic.

Anti-Aging Set No.4 Ignore Badges Spare 4%

Anti-Aging Set No.4

intensively nourishes & reduces wrinkles. Actively counteracts skin ageing & leaves the skin radiant.


Pregnancy Oil No.3

intensively nourishes, keeps the skin elastic, strengthens the skin structure & prevents stretch marks


Body oil No.2

stimulates blood circulation, slightly cooling and regenerating with an orange-fresh mint fragrance


Sports oil No.5

muscle-warming, slightly moisturizing body & massage oil with a fresh citrus wellness fragrance

Ignore Badges Ignore Badges Spare 5%

Impure Skin Set No.3

Regulation of sebum production & long-term refined skin texture. Reduction of inflammation.

Care sets for face and body Care sets for face and body Spare 8%

Care sets for face and body

11 Phystine products in a value set to test, share, give away or travel with.

Sample set Body oils Sample set Body oils Spare 5%

Sample set Body oils

Choose the right set for you & convince yourself of the effect of Phystine body care!

Anti-Aging Set No.3 Ignore Badges Spare 5%

Anti-Aging Set No.3

regulates sebum production & refines pores. Reduces fine lines & actively protects against skin ageing.

Ignore Badges Ignore Badges Spare 5%

Care set – dry, cracked, itchy skin

fast & long-term help for severely stressed skin. Also suitable for eczema & neurodermatitis.

Cleaning pads

soft, sustainable & washable pads. Single, in a set & with wash bag

Deodorant refill for wood stick

for your refillable wooden deodorant stick. Uniquely sustainable: plastic-free in product & packaging.

Refill wood deodorant stick

unique: refillable, rotatable, plastic-free & handmade. Personalizable, noble & sustainable.



the first sustainable pipette - plastic-free, dismountable & elegant with wooden lid.


Facial serum No.3

naturally regulates sebum production and reduces inflammation. Regenerates the skin barrier sustainably.

Become human again

Specialist literature on a species-appropriate lifestyle with over 600 scientific references & over 70 recipes.

Care set – dry, cracked, itchy skin Ignore Badges Spare 5%

Care set – dry, cracked, itchy skin

Gold award-winning all-round care for your baby, replaces all other baby products & wet wipes

Handcrafted ebony boar bristle brush

Healthy scalp & smooth hair. Handmade & suitable for all hair types. Includes brush cleaner.

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sustainable cosmetic bag

handmade, classy & plastic-free. As a gift, for travelling or for storing the Phystine Minis.

Baby Gift Sets Baby Gift Sets Spare 9%

Baby Gift Sets

lovingly handmade baby products from Vorarlberg. 4 sets in a beautiful gift box with greetings card.

Gift sets | Facial care and body care Gift sets | Facial care and body care Spare 7%

Gift sets | Facial care and body care

edle Geschenkbox: 3 verschiedene Pflegesets in schöner Kartonbox mit "Herz-Motiv"

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