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Hello Sunshine!

When the season changes from winter to spring and then summer, we spend more time in the fresh air and enjoy the warm rays of sunshine outdoors. Winter sleep is over, also for the skin. It is therefore now important to adapt the protection and care of the skin to the sunny conditions in order to be prepared with an intact skin barrier against long-term sun damage and sun-related skin aging. We recommend preventative and regenerative care with natural sun protection, especially as the seasons change. In the following blog article we give 4 tips on how to properly prepare your skin for summer and effectively protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

1. Natural sun protection

Sun worshipers beware: tanning your skin is allowed and even encouraged - without chemical or mineral sun protection. In order to get our vitamin D levels back on track, it is important to treat yourself and your skin to regular sun again after the often sunless winter - without a sun protection factor. Depending on your skin type, we initially recommend only being in the sun for a few minutes. The sun time can then be extended further and further - without overdoing it.

The result: The tan naturally built up by our melanocytes protects against mild sunburns and even severe sun damage, as the skin's own protection time is extended and our body can also absorb harmful UV rays.

2. Sun protection factor

In addition to or between tanning phases, it is important to apply sunscreen. Even if it doesn't always seem necessary in moderate spring temperatures, you shouldn't do without a sun protection factor (SPF) as soon as the sun becomes more intense and shines longer. For this reason, using skin care with light sun protection is extremely important, especially in the spring and summer months. Carotenoids, which are found in care products with sea buckthorn or astaxanthin , can provide natural sun protection. In our shop you will find some natural products with sea buckthorn, for example our facial serum No.3 and our body oil No.1 or care products with astaxanthin, such as our eye essence No.4 or our facial serum No.4 .

Natural carotenoids in a skin care product
Natural carotenoids in skin care

3. Reinforced sun protection

Sun protection can and should also be absorbed from the inside. Here too, it is carotenoids that provide protection from the sun. But foods with antioxidants also have a positive effect against harmful UV rays. If you eat a lot of citrus fruits, berries, nuts, tomatoes or cocoa, you can increase your internal sun protection. The dietary supplement with the greatest antioxidant effect is astaxanthin . The carotenoid from the green algae Haematococcus pluvialis reduces the negative effects of excessive UV radiation and can counteract skin-damaging sunburn.

Since increasing UV protection through food or nutritional supplements only acts as a booster, conventional sun protection should not be avoided when spending long periods in the sun. We recommend applying a mineral sunscreen after the skin's own protection period has expired, which immediately blocks the effects of the sun's rays on the skin.
Caution: The sun blocker effect also stops the synthesis of vitamin D!

Mineral sunscreen
Mineral sun protection immediately blocks UV rays, but also vitamin D production in the body

4. Effective after sun care

Last but not least, in spring and summer, attention should not only be paid to effective prevention, but also to valuable follow-up treatment of the skin. After sunbathing, rich and natural care products help to regenerate the skin in the evening. Skin care products with antioxidant ingredients are recommended. A product that also slightly cools the skin, such as our body oil No.2, is particularly suitable as after sun care. Since antioxidants help the skin to recover thoroughly, you can start a new, sunny day refreshed with overnight regenerative care.

Would you like to know more about antioxidant superfoods in natural skin care products or as nutritional supplements? Take a look at our Pinterest account .

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