Waterless Beauty: Natural glow through plant power.

Sustainable awareness for your skin: PHYSTINE consistently avoids water in all cosmetic products - for an incomparable skin feeling and out of mindfulness for nature. Find out more about the innovative skin care trend ...

Water-free skin care

Knowledge of the power of plant oils and their extracts has revolutionized skincare. "Back to the roots." Vegetable oils contain different fatty acids. These lipids develop their effect in the individual layers of the skin: They protect the skin barrier, nourish the cells in depth, stimulate skin regeneration, soothe redness and also have an anti-inflammatory effect. They retain moisture in the lower layers of the skin and thus prevent skin ageing.

Hydra ... Aqua ... Dewy skin - water is touted as a source of beauty and youthful radiance. Not wrong per se. However, beauty products with a high water content dry out the skin. This also dissolves the body's own oils from the skin layers and washes them out. PHYSTINE Waterless Beauty keeps the skin barrier intact and protects our skin from moisture loss. For a fresh, healthy and radiant complexion.

Natural oils - elixirs for true beauty

Hardly anyone translates waterless beauty better than PHYSTINE.
Our waterless formulations consist exclusively of highly concentrated plant oils and plant extracts.

For more intensive skin care and to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, we take a holistic approach - by avoiding the use of water in the production and marketing of our cosmetics.

Water is used as a filler in the cosmetics industry. This makes the texture of these products softer. However, water is a good breeding ground for germs. And that is why many water-based beauty products are enriched with emulsifiers and preservatives. These can cause allergies and skin irritation - and even dry out the skin. What's more, when water evaporates, it takes valuable active ingredients that our skin needs with it.

Anhydrous formulations are highly effective, much
more concentrated and more economical. Just a few drops of our
PHYSTINE natural cosmetics are enough to care for your skin 24/7
. More vitality, more elasticity and protection throughout the day via

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Save the environment with Waterless Beauty

If we consider the entire product cycle - from production to distribution and upcycling - Waterless Beauty means that we significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Environmentally conscious for you and our planet.

Because there are no fillers, waterless formulations are much more economical and have a longer shelf life. So you don't have to buy more as often. This saves on transportation and packaging costs. And of course a lot of energy - both for the manufacture of the cosmetics and for the production and delivery of the packaging.



Eye Essence No.4

intensive anti-ageing eye care with active cell & light protection. Reduces wrinkles & prevents skin ageing.

Anti-Aging Set No.4 Ignore Badges Spare 4%

Anti-Aging Set No.4

intensively nourishes & reduces wrinkles. Actively counteracts skin ageing & leaves the skin radiant.

Anti-Aging Set No.3 Ignore Badges Spare 5%

Anti-Aging Set No.3

regulates sebum production & refines pores. Reduces fine lines & actively protects against skin ageing.

Astaxanthin capsules

award-winning food supplement. Power antioxidant, active cell protection & strongest free radical scavenger.

We also take asustainable approach to packaging: 100% reusable and recycled packaging.

With Waterless Beauty, we are already one step further into the future: 100 % active ingredient content. 0 % water.

Take care of your skin naturally. Your skin is special.
With PHYSTINE you give your skin the best.

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