PHYSTINE means "pure body through untouched
nature". The name already reveals a lot about us and is a
homage to our roots. Our skincare is
inspired by nature.

How it all started ...

We are a young family business and behind PHYSTINE is our very personal story: as a mother of four children, I have always wanted skincare that we can use as a family with a clear conscience. 100% natural cosmetics. Completely water- and plastic-free. Skincare that is good for the body. Skincare that makes your skin beautiful and healthy. Skincare that works without compromise.

I wanted the purest and most effective natural cosmetics for me and my family, but I couldn't find them anywhere on the market.

Time in nature

Our family enjoys spending time in nature. We love to roam through our home. ...See. Smell. Feel. ... Nowhere else can you feel plants so intensely and experience them with all your senses as directly at their natural source.

This is where we got a view of the whole and a feel for the special: Here we talked about our idea of producing sustainable skincare ourselves. Using my own recipes. Nothing out of the drawer. Here, in the middle of the Bregenzerwald, our heartfelt project took shape.

Growing product range

Und nun entwickeln wir mit wachsender Begeisterung gemeinsam natürliche Hautpflege in höchster Bioverfügbarkeit. Jede Frucht, jede Pflanze bleibt so lange in der Natur, bis sie am Höhepunkt ihres Reifegrades ist. Das verlangt uns und unseren Partnern viel Geduld und Verständnis für das Naturprodukt ab. Aber dieser Aufwand ist es wert. Nur so entstehen Gesichts- und Körperöle, die das ganze Spektrum der Natur eingefangen haben.

Als Biomedizinerin hat Lara langjährige Erfahrung in der Forschung von Medikamenten. Clemens bringt betriebswirtschaftliches Know-how aus international agierenden Unternehmen mit. Bei PHYSTINE verfolgen wir einen ganzheitlichen Ansatz: Von der Erzeugung über die Verarbeitung bis hin zur komplett plastikfreien Verpackung … alles rein natürlich. Alles rein nachhaltig. Die gesamte Klaviatur konsequenter Nachhaltigkeit. Wir verantworten den gesamten Produktionsprozess selbst und stehen in direktem persönlichem Kontakt zu unseren Lieferanten. Wir kennen nicht nur die Herkunft der Pflanzen, sondern auch die Menschen, die dahinterstehen. Das gemeinsame Streben nach Spitzenqualität verbindet uns.

Lara Bechter

Biomedical specialist & skin expert

Clemens Bechter

CEO & sustainability expert

PHYSTINE is a small manufactory where quality is more important than quantity. Your individual needs take centre stage. We work with a lot of love, passion and personal commitment to offer you the best and healthiest skin cosmetics.



Eye Essence No.4

intensive anti-ageing eye care with active cell & light protection. Reduces wrinkles & prevents skin ageing.

Anti-Aging Set No.4 Ignore Badges Spare 4%

Anti-Aging Set No.4

intensively nourishes & reduces wrinkles. Actively counteracts skin ageing & leaves the skin radiant.

Anti-Aging Set No.3 Ignore Badges Spare 5%

Anti-Aging Set No.3

regulates sebum production & refines pores. Reduces fine lines & actively protects against skin ageing.

Astaxanthin capsules

award-winning food supplement. Power antioxidant, active cell protection & strongest free radical scavenger.

We are convinced: PHYSTINE combines the best for your
skin and for your holistic well-being. We offer
the most sustainable care for you and our environment.



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