Itching – finally an end to it

Are you suffering from excruciating itching? Your skin is dry, partly flaky and tight. Scratching only relieves the itching for a short time and you are actually stuck in a vicious circle.

Itchy skin is torture. With the right care, you can enjoy your everyday life to the fullest again...


Feel good again

Dry, itchy skin? Your skin speaks to you: The sensitive skin barrier is usually damaged... Warning signals from the body for the onset of a dermatosis or internal disease. The wrong beauty products are much more likely to cause skin irritation.

But lack of skin oils, reduced sebum production and the lack of natural moisture can be compensated for. With the right skin care, the unbearable itching disappears and the skin barrier comes back into balance.

We are there for you and will help you find the care products that suit your skin condition.


Which care is the right one?

Vegetable extracts and vegetable oils preserve the natural moisture in the skin layers. They stimulate cell renewal in the skin and build elasticity and tone.

The moisturizing effect of shea butter has a beneficial effect on all skin renewal processes - especially for the regeneration of the skin barrier.

Antioxidants such as astaxanthin, sea buckthorn and rose hip relieve inflammation, reduce skin irritation and promote wound healing.

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Our oil-based skincare balances your skin and provides it with all the important nutrients. Your skin takes on its natural protective functions and you feel great again.



Repair Balm No.3

fast, regenerating care for stressed skin. Reliable protection against winter cold & dehydration.


Eye Essence No.4

intensive anti-ageing eye care with active cell & light protection. Reduces wrinkles & prevents skin ageing.


Facial serum No.4

intensively nourishes very dry, mature skin & actively counteracts the signs of skin ageing.

Lip care No.2

sustainable regeneration & long-lasting care. Quick help even for problem lips.

Lara Bechter

Biomedical specialist & skin expert

Speak personally to our expert about what natural care you can use to support your skin.

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