Type-appropriate facial care

Your T-zone is oily, shiny and there are occasional pimples. The other parts of your face, especially your cheeks, are dry and tight... combination skin. Balancing facial care can provide relief and refine your skin's appearance.

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Dry + oily = combination skin

Your skin is out of balance. Oily and dry skin beautifully side by side. Now you're wondering what's the priority when it comes to facial care? Cosmetic products that are used on oily skin have no effect on dry skin and vice versa.

There is a specially developed facial care product for combination skin. Such formulations reduce oil and shine on your skin and balance sebum production.
The dry skin areas are supplied with enough moisture.

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Care formula: mix it

With our oil-based formulations, we specifically address the care needs of combination skin: combination skin care that removes oil and provides moisture at the same time.

Herbal extracts from sea buckthorn and pomegranate soothe the skin and relieve inflammation. Grape seed and argan oil help regulate sebum production. The complexion becomes more refined – pores are visibly reduced. Vegetable oils such as marula and jojoba oil maintain moisture in the skin environment and protect against drying out. Astaxanthin is a highly effective antioxidant. It stimulates the renewal of skin cells and reduces inflammatory processes.

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Cleansing oil No.3

thoroughly cleansing & intensively nourishing for skin & eyelashes. Does not clog the pores.


Eye Essence No.4

intensive anti-ageing eye care with active cell & light protection. Reduces wrinkles & prevents skin ageing.


Facial serum No.4

intensively nourishes very dry, mature skin & actively counteracts the signs of skin ageing.


Facial serum No.2

cell-regenerating & quickly absorbed for a vital, radiant complexion. Refreshing fruity-minty fragrance.

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