Kinder aus Sivara in Namibia

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The village community of Sivara is located in the north of Namibia, near the border with Angola. The women of the village harvest the Kalahari melons that are valuable for PHYSTINE - previously collected from the wild, now in a field leased for PHYSTINE - and prepare the wild watermelon for further processing.

Women from Sivara at the PHYSTINE field
Women from Sivara at the PHYSTINE field

Kenny carries out the gentle cold pressing of the Kalahari melon seeds in a small production hall that was built just a few years ago. Everything that is left of the melon and the pressed seeds is further processed into various products and foods.

Kenny visually inspecting the Kalahari melon oil

Olli Rust, the founder of Namib Desert Jojoba and the Jojoba for Namibia Trust , ensures quality according to European standards in all production processes as well as the payment of fair wages for everyone involved.

Olli Rust with women from his team in front of the Okavango River

With the fundraising campaign "1 product = 1€ donation" we would like to say "THANK YOU" for the great cooperation with Olli & his team in Sivara and offer the opportunity for further expansion and securing jobs in Namibia.

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