Anhydrous formulations are highly effective, very much more concentrated and more productive. Only a few drops of our PHYSTINE natural cosmetics richen to care for your skin 24/7. More vitality, more resilience and protection throughout the day.

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  • Save the environment with Waterless Beauty

    If we look at the entire product cycle – from manufacturing to distribution to upcycling – Waterless Beauty means we are significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Environmentally conscious for you and our planet.

    Since fillers are missing, anhydrous formulations are much more productive and have a longer shelf life. So you don’t have to repurchase as often. This saves transport and packaging costs. And, of course, a lot of energy – both for the production of the cosmetics and for the production and delivery of the packaging.

    Waterless beauty – save the environment

Sustainable also works
in the packaging sector:
100% Re-Use and Recycle

With Waterless Beauty
we are already one step
far in the future:
100% active ingredient content.
0% water.