• Hand care – Beautiful and well-groomed hands

    Beautiful and well-groomed hands

    Constant hand washing, sun, cold and heated air put a lot of stress on our hands. They feel rough and dry. Well-groomed hands are no coincidence. You can do something …

    Pamper your hands with PHYSTINE hand balm and enjoy irresistible looks …

  • Perfectly groomed in no time

    With our nourishing and mild formulations, your hands are optimally cared for and sustainably protected. Plant extracts from sea buckthorn, pomegranate and rosehip promote wound healing. Plant waxes protect against dehydration and cold. Our oil-based components provide long-lasting moisture in the skin cells and help build an intact skin barrier. Shea butter provides fatty acids that regenerate your skin sustainably.

    Hand care – Beautiful and well-groomed hands

Reach out and get our hypoallergenic balm

  • Hand Balm No.3

    Dry & chapped skin

    Hand Balm No.3

    from €36,20 incl. VAT

Give your hands a soft, even complexion. Give them daily care and attention.

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