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  • "I have tried many natural cosmetics deodorants, unfortunately none have worked for a long time. Phystine's deodorants smell subtle, work and, without having to use aluminum, make me feel good."

    Dr. Margit Gasser
  • Dr. Margit Gasser

    "The Phystine lip balm makes my lips wonderfully soft and velvety. It contains only natural ingredients and has a very pleasant, fruity-fresh scent. The first lip balm that doesn't dry out my lips!"

    Sylvia Eberhartinger
  • Sylvia Eberhartinger

    "I was introduced to Phystine's Serum No.3 from the Mother's Day set and I am thrilled. The concept is right from A to Z. The serum smells very pleasant and is absorbed quickly. The skin feels noticeably well and - what pleases me - small impurities disappear quickly! Keep it up!"

    Heidi Sutterlüty
  • Heidi Sutterlüty

    "I have very high standards for a skin care product. For me it is important that the product is free from substances that could harm my skin. I pay particular attention to qualitatively pure, natural and high-quality raw materials that are processed gently, that work and optimally support my skin. The sustainability, the purism, the intelligently composed ingredients and the absence of water convinced me 100%."

    Sandra Barth - Therapist
  • Sandra Barth - Therapist

    "At first I was skeptical about whether the oil-based serum would be suitable for my oily skin, but I was quickly convinced. My skin feels velvety and soft for hours after application, my complexion looks fresh and radiant, and on top of that, the serum smells really good."

    Claudia Lüthi
  • Claudia Lüthi

    "I highly recommend this lip balm! My absolute favorite! The orange scent is refreshing and the balm is very smooth and easy to apply. Phystine products just make me feel good!"

    Petra Schmickl