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    A warm shower or a hot bath stresses the skin barrier. Scaly skin is often the result. With the right care and without fear of dry skin afterwards, the water experience becomes a real pleasure.

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    The extra mild formulation protects the sensitive skin of our youngest, supplies she With balanced fatty acids and promotes wound healing. Natural ingredients like grape seedn and jojobaoil, sea buckthorn fruit pulp and Amaranth seeds-extract support an intact skin barrier and ensure a healthy for long-lasting skin moisture.

    With the All-inOne Baby oil from PHYSTINE baby skin becomes soft to the touch. In this product is all our love for your baby. Whether for pampering massage, as a mild cleanser & skin protectionoil or soothing bath additive – our hypoallergenic skin care oil makes baby-skin happy.

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    The skin of the newborn is intact and should remain so. To support the natural defense and protection mechanisms, it is important to provide the delicate baby skin with balanced care and protection from the very beginning. So the infant skin can even against environmental stimuli, water, cold, wind and sun naturally resist.

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Lara Bechter
Biomedical & Skin Expert

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