Specially developed for acne skin, they support your care routine and provide all the important vital substances so that your skin is back in balance and the annoying pimples and blackheads disappear. For an all-round beautiful skin feeling.

Attention: Excessive or even inappropriate care will have a negative effect on your skin condition. It only stimulates the sebum production even more and you achieve the opposite effect.

It is best to consult our biomedical expert. In a personal conversation you will learn how you can sustainably alleviate your skin problems.

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  • Acne – How acne develops

    How does acne develop?

    Acne is a disease of the skin that usually has hormonal causes. Worldwide, it is mainly young people who are affected. However, it can also be expressed in newborns and adults.

    Unwelcome pimples and blackheads litter the face and body. This is not a lack of hygiene, but usually a blockage of the sebaceous glands. With the onset of puberty, sex hormones are increasingly released. Sebum production picks up speed and forms the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. The result: sebaceous glands that become inflamed and painfully swollen.

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Acne skin also causes psychological distress. What you can do against your pimples and how we can help you? In the free phone call you talk with our expert about your skin care.

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