Lara & Clemens Bechter

Who is behind PHYSTINE?

We are Lara (38) & Clemens Bechter (39), happily married & at home in the Bregenzerwald in Austria.

I, Lara, was born & raised in Vienna. In 2014 I swapped the big city air for life in the Bregenzerwald, where I can fully live out my love of outdoor exercise & nature.

I, Clemens, was born & raised in Egg in the Bregenzerwald. I have seen a lot of the world & among other things I have learned to appreciate the beauty of the nature of my home country even more. The preservation of this beauty is very dear to my heart.

We are parents of three bright girls who motivate us daily to conserve our world’s resources & our environment. Our goal is to leave our children a planet worth living on.

We enjoy life & consistently align our joy of living as well as our indulgence with the best possible protection of our ecosystem.
Fair trade and inclusion of all, including potentially disadvantaged social groups, in our value creation processes, as well as the conviction that our specific combinations of natural ingredients are the best care for a healthy body, are the foundation of our work.

How did PHYSTINE come about?


Even during Lara’s pregnancy, the question kept coming up whether the barely legible ingredients in pregnancy and baby care products were “healthy” for mom & baby. The studies did not yet confirm the contrary, but the so-called “natural cosmetics” wave emerged.

After moving to the Bregenzerwald & the birth of two more daughters, the desire for products that combine naturalness, sustainability and social fairness increased.

Lara deepened her knowledge with her biomedical understanding and clinical trial experience into the research of natural compounds.

At the same time, a long-time friend gave the couple a homemade toothpaste that had it all: a 100% natural toothpaste that left teeth wonderfully smooth & breath fresh even in the morning, something Lara & Clemens had never come close to experiencing with any toothpaste.

This WOW experience & Lara’s developer spirit motivated the nature lovers to combine all their energy & together found PHYSTINE – with the belief that natural cosmetics are more than just the inferior version of conventional cosmetics without synthetic ingredients – but can achieve unique results.

The goal with PHYSTINE is to develop care products for skin health that meet the maximum demands for sustainability all around:
Good for people & the environment!
From raw material extraction to manufacturing & packaging to the product, its use & disposal consistently natural, ethical & ecological.

PHYSTINE is the symbiosis of the Greek word “phýsis” and the English “pristine” and stands for pure body through untouched nature.


What is our background?

Lara is a biomedical scientist by training. At PHYSTINE she is responsible for product development & approval as well as manufacturing & quality assurance of the products.

As a graduate in business administration, Clemens takes care of the general economic, sustainable and organisational issues.

Lara & Clemens both gave up their successful careers in global companies to turn their passion for healthy skin & consistent sustainability into a career & to be able to live the dream of absolute identification with their own work.

Lara has 13 years of practical experience in medical laboratory, independent monitoring of scientific & clinical studies.

Before becoming self-employed, Clemens worked for a total of 13 years as a supply chain manager, plant manager deputy & head of quality management for global players in the industry relevant to their business areas.