PHYSTINE means “Pure body through untouched nature”. . The name already tells a lot about us and is a homage to our roots. Uur skin care is inspired by nature.

  • How it all began ...

    We are a young family business and behind PHYSTINE is our very personal story: As a mother of three, I have always wanted skin care that we could use as a whole family with a clear conscience. 100% natural cosmetics. Completely water and plastic free. Skin care that does not deprive the body of moisture. Skin care that makes beautiful and healthy skin. Skin care that works without compromise.

    I wanted the purest and most highly effective natural cosmetics for me and my family, but until now I could not find them anywhere on the market.

    About us – PHYSTINE – Our history
  • About us – PHYSTINE – Our history

    Time in nature

    Our family enjoys spending time in nature. We love to roam around our home. …Seeing. Smell. Feel. … Nowhere can plants be felt so intensively and experienced with all the senses as directly at their natural origin.

    Here we got the view of the whole and the feeling for the special: Here we talked about our idea to produce sustainable skin care ourselves. According to my own recipes. Nothing out of the drawer. Here, in the middle of the Bregenzerwald, our heart’s project took shape.

Growing product range

And now, with growing enthusiasm, we are jointly developing natural skin care in the highest bioavailability. Each fruit, each plant remains in nature until it is at the peak of its maturity. This demands a lot of patience and understanding for the natural product from us and our partners. But this effort is worth it. This is the only way to create face and body oils that have captured the full spectrum of nature.

As a biomedical scientist, Lara has many years of experience in drug research. Clemens brings business know-how from internationally operating companies. At PHYSTINE, we take a holistic approach: from production to processing to completely plastic-free packaging … all purely natural. All purely sustainable. The entire keyboard of consistent sustainability. We are responsible for the entire production process ourselves and are in direct personal contact with our suppliers. We know not only the origin of the plants, but also the people behind them. The common pursuit of top quality unites us.

Lara Bechter
Biomedical Scientist & Skin Expert

Clemens Bechter
Sustainability expert

PHYSTINE is a small manufacture where quality weighs more than quantity. Your individual needs are in the foreground. We work with much love, passion and personal lifeblood to offer you the best and healthiest skin cosmetics.

We are convinced: PHYSTINE combines the best for your skin and for your holistic well-being. We offer the most sustainable care for you and our environment.

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